Letter from the Director

Letter from the Director


Businesses have responsibilities.

To our clients, to their clients, to our personal, to the society.

Our office dna is a bit unconventional: we reject almost 30% of new quotes from clients. Not from arrogance or because we don’t need their money:

But because our clients have to believe what we believe – and the other way around. This is the only way to procced with worthy outcome. Otherwise the result will be chaotic and we both have lost time, energy,money and most impotant, the case. 

What we believe is that we work to make the world a better place, really helping the small businesses to growth-and the bigger ones become really big.

This is why our clients trust us in every step, from their company formation to strategic consulting, their corporate governance, in commercial negotiations and dispute resolutions, even for hiring personal.

This is why we have so many long-term collaborations, social relationships, even friendships with our customers.

Because they believe in what we believe: in a better world for everyone, with honesty and integrity.

Businesses must contribute to society.

This is why Fotis Grontas & Associates provides very often Pro Bono full services to Non Government Organisations, Cultural Associations, Schools & Universities Associations.


we believe in two simple things: 

  1. We all must work together to make our world a better place
  2. Honesty, sincerity & integrity are the most valuable assets.


Fotis Grontas

Founder & Director

Fotis Grontas & Associates Limited 

Letter from the Director